Transitioning to healthier lifestyle can be stressful (Trust me I know!)

Giving up foods that you’ve eaten all your life is never fun nor easy.

If this is you and you’ve always wondered…..

  • What to eat or how to prepare the foods that you want?
  • Will I receive the proper nutrients if I stop eating meat?
  • Will I always be hungry if I only eat vegetables?
  • Where do I shop and how do I plan out my meals on a budget?
  • What do I do for snacks?
  • Do I have to fast?
  • I have kids and we’re always on the go…what do I do then?

Are you tired of being told to have discipline and just stop eating the meat. BOOK a Consultation Now and get your questions answered and work with me as I show you how to easily transition to the diet best for you, because everyone isn’t meant to be VEGAN! But we all should be Healthy

Book a Consultation with Tiyah if… You’re not sure what to order or you have specifications not listed.
You may be frustrated with what to cook tonight or the right ingredients to use.
Wondering if I can help you easily transition to a healthier lifestyle and what to expect when working with me as your Vegan coach.



Not sure what to order or perhaps the item you want isn’t listed…..

No worries I’ve got you covered!

Book a 20-40 min consultation. This is where you’ll have the  opportunity to share with Chef Tiyah the intricate details and nuances of your event. During the consultation expect to discuss different flavors and spice levels. She will also cover allergies and special dietary request.


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